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Men's Wrestling - Fri, Jan. 6, 2017

Tiffin University competed with 15 other Division II schools at the NWCA Multi-Divisional National Duals held at Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Dragons finished 1-2 overall, falling to Nebraska-Kearney 25-15 and Upper Iowa 24-15 before beating San Francisco State 27-16.

In the battle with Nebraska-Kearney, TU got four victories. After Trey Grine (141) won via injury 3:00 into his match, Mike Screptock (149) picked up a close 3-2 win. Beau Minnick also won 8-3 at 165 pounds, while Kevin Christman also shutout his opponent 5-0 at 197 pounds. Garrett Gray lost a narrow 4-2 decision at 285.

Against Upper Iowa, TU again had four winners. Hunter Langeloh (125) picked up a pin victory in 4:01, while Sam Viengmany (157) won 6-2. Jared Chambers pulled out a close 3-1 win at 184, while Christman won again 8-7. Gray once again fell 4-2 in sudden victory in his second match.

A number of close matches also went against TU against Upper Iowa, as Grine fell 3-1 and Screptock lost 1-0. Minnick also lost an 8-5 decision.

In the win against San Francisco State, Grine dominated in a 22-7 victory, as did Screptock 10-1. Viengmany pulled out a tough 10-8 sudden victory, while Chambers got another win via pin in 0:54. Christman finished 3-0 with another pin in 4:34, while Hayden Bronne (174) also got a 5-3 win.

Complete results are below:

Div II - Tiffin University
Match #1 Champ. Round 1: Nebraska-Kearney defeated Tiffin University 25-15
125 - Vlad Kazakov (Nebraska-Kearney) over Hunter Langeloh (Tiffin University) Fall 4:02
133 - Bryce Shoemaker (Nebraska-Kearney) over Cameron Gessner (Tiffin University) TF 21-6
141 - Trey Grine (Tiffin University) over Jeff Bizzle (Nebraska-Kearney) Inj 3:00
149 - Michael Screptock (Tiffin University) over Tevin Briscoe (Nebraska-Kearney) Dec 3-2
157 - Seth Harrington (Nebraska-Kearney) over Samphanh Viengmany (Tiffin University) Dec 10-4
165 - Beau Minnick (Tiffin University) over Nickalas Babcock (Nebraska-Kearney) Dec 8-3
174 - Calvin Ochs (Nebraska-Kearney) over Hayden Bronne (Tiffin University) Dec 6-2
184 - Zach Stodden (Nebraska-Kearney) over Jared Chambers (Tiffin University) TF 16-1
197 - Kevin Christman (Tiffin University) over Corey Van Dorn (Nebraska-Kearney) Dec 5-0
285 - Kevin Barrett (Nebraska-Kearney) over Garrett Gray (Tiffin University) TB-1 4-2

Match #2 Cons. Round 1: Upper Iowa defeated Tiffin University 24-15
125 - Hunter Langeloh (Tiffin University) over Maleek Williams (Upper Iowa) Fall 4:01
133 - Josh Walker (Upper Iowa) over Cameron Gessner (Tiffin University) Fall 2:57
141 - Jordan Roths (Upper Iowa) over Trey Grine (Tiffin University) SV-1 3-1
149 - Damian Penichet (Upper Iowa) over Michael Screptock (Tiffin University) Dec 1-0
157 - Samphanh Viengmany (Tiffin University) over Zak Benitz (Upper Iowa) Dec 6-2
165 - Colbey Vance (Upper Iowa) over Beau Minnick (Tiffin University) Dec 8-5
174 - Dalton Westerlund (Upper Iowa) over Chase Boyd (Tiffin University) Fall 3:38
184 - Jared Chambers (Tiffin University) over Nick Baumler (Upper Iowa) Dec 3-1
197 - Kevin Christman (Tiffin University) over Ryan Parmely (Upper Iowa) Dec 8-7
285 - Logan Hopp (Upper Iowa) over Garrett Gray (Tiffin University) SV-1 4-2

 Tiffin University defeated San Francisco State 27-16
125 - Matt Gamble (San Francisco State) over Hunter Langeloh (Tiffin University) Dec 11-5
133 - Nate Cervantez (San Francisco State) over Cameron Gessner (Tiffin University) Dec 6-3
141 - Trey Grine (Tiffin University) over Josh Villaflor (San Francisco State) TF 22-7
149 - Michael Screptock (Tiffin University) over Dylan Furtado (San Francisco State) Maj 10-1
157 - Samphanh Viengmany (Tiffin University) over Trevor Perez (San Francisco State) SV-1 10-8
165 - Tyson Kuahine (San Francisco State) over Beau Minnick (Tiffin University) Maj 17-6
174 - Hayden Bronne (Tiffin University) over Morris Wilner (San Francisco State) Dec 5-3
184 - Jared Chambers (Tiffin University) over Mtichell Owens (San Francisco State) Fall 0:54
197 - Kevin Christman (Tiffin University) over Johnny Costa (San Francisco State) Fall 4:34
285 - Ricardo Jaramillo (San Francisco State) over Caleb Fry (Tiffin University) Fall 1:53