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Staff Listing
Lonny Allen ImageLonny AllenAthletic Director[email protected]419-448-3359
Rudy Brownell ImageRudy BrownellAsst. Ath. Dir., Head Men's Soccer [email protected]419-448-3286
Shane O'Donnell ImageShane O'DonnellAsst. Ath. Dir., Sports Information[email protected]419-448-3288
Kelly Daniel ImageKelly DanielAsst. AD., SWA, Dir. of Compliance[email protected]419-448-3453
Darby Roggow ImageDarby RoggowGame Mgt. Director, Head Men's Golf[email protected]419-448-3425
Hannah Tyson ImageHannah TysonPromotions and Services Coordinator[email protected]567-268-6016
Kevin Cashen ImageKevin CashenFaculty Athletic Representative[email protected]419-448-3322
Josh Ison ImageJosh IsonInterim Strength and Conditioning[email protected]419-448-3336
Sports Information
Shane O'Donnell ImageShane O'DonnellSports Information Director[email protected]419-448-3288
Matt Kibler ImageMatt KiblerAsst. SID[email protected]419-448-3023
Russ Snyder ImageRuss SnyderDirector of Broadcast Operations[email protected]419-448-5149
Chalin Cahlik ImageChalin CahlikAssistant/Communications[email protected]419-341-1826
Athletic Trainers
Lucas Phillips ImageLucas PhillipsHead Athletic Trainer[email protected]419-448-3263
Stephanie Smith ImageStephanie SmithAssociate Athletic Trainer[email protected]419-448-3263
Elizabeth Saulinas ImageElizabeth SaulinasAsst. Athletic Trainer[email protected]419-448-3263
Dan Frankart ImageDan FrankartAsst. Athletic Trainer[email protected]419-448-3263
Joe Hubbard ImageJoe HubbardAsst. Athletic Trainer[email protected]419-448-3263
Chalin Cahlik ImageChalin CahlikeSports Head Coach[email protected]419-341-1826
Michael Kidd ImageMichael KiddeSports Advisor[email protected]734-649-9518
Steven Borawski ImageSteven BorawskieSports Advisor[email protected]440-381-7379
Joe Wilkins ImageJoe WilkinsHead Baseball Coach[email protected]419-448-5116
Drew Patton ImageDrew PattonAssistant Coach[email protected]419-606-5028
Rick Hubbard ImageRick HubbardAsst. Baseball Coach[email protected]419-448-3290
Jim Richardson ImageJim RichardsonAssistant Coach[email protected]419-448-3026
Men's Basketball
Jerry Buccilla ImageJerry BuccillaHead Men's Basketball Coach[email protected]419-448-3266
Julian Sullinger ImageJulian SullingerAsst. Men Basketball[email protected]419-448-3048
Logan Brogden ImageLogan BrogdenAsst. Men's Basketball Coach[email protected]419-448-3024
Women's Basketball
Jason Mishler ImageJason MishlerWomen's Basketball Head Coach[email protected]419-448-3260
Karli Mast ImageKarli MastAsst. Women Basketball[email protected]419-448-3418
Corey Kaufman ImageCorey KaufmanAsst. Women Baskektball[email protected]419-448-3308
Drew Snyder ImageDrew SnyderDir. of Basketball Ops[email protected]419-448-3308
Men & Women's Cross Country
Jeremy Croy ImageJeremy CroyHead Cross Country Coach[email protected]419-448-3338
Julie Vogel ImageJulie VogelHead Equestrian[email protected]419-448-7433
Claire Johansen ImageClaire JohansenVolunteer Asst. Equestrian419-448-7433
Jenny Steinmetz ImageJenny SteinmetzAsst. Equestrian Coach
Gary Goff ImageGary GoffHead Football Coach[email protected]419-448-3364
Josh Ison ImageJosh IsonStrength, LB, Spec. Teams[email protected]419-448-3336
Matt Edwards ImageMatt EdwardsDef. Coordinator, DB[email protected]419-448-3339
Lee Stalker ImageLee StalkerDef. Line[email protected]419-448-3032
Steve Gilbert ImageSteve GilbertRunning Backs[email protected] 419-618-3363
Phillip Ely ImagePhillip ElyQB Coach/Pass Game Coord.[email protected]419-448-3331
John Morookian ImageJohn MorookianOffensive Line Coach[email protected]419-448-3335
Joe Horn ImageJoe HornWide Receivers Coach[email protected]419-448-3364
Akeem Needum ImageAkeem NeedumAsst. Football Coach[email protected]
Mike Fuhrman ImageMike FuhrmanAsst. Football Coach[email protected]
Men's Golf
Darby Roggow ImageDarby RoggowHead Men's Golf Coach[email protected]419-448-3425
Women's Golf
Brittany Davidson ImageBrittany DavidsonHead Women's Golf Coach[email protected]419-448-5126
Women's Lacrosse
Erica Brown ImageErica BrownHead Women's Lacrosse Coach[email protected]419-448-3404
Alexis MacMillan ImageAlexis MacMillanAsst. Women's Lacrosse Coach[email protected]419-448-5845
Men's Soccer
Rudy Brownell ImageRudy BrownellHead Men's Soccer[email protected]419-448-3286
Logan Langseth ImageLogan LangsethAsst. Men's Soccer[email protected]419-448-3363
Oliver Verdult ImageOliver VerdultGraduate Assistant[email protected]419-448-3363
Women's Soccer
Melissa Bigg ImageMelissa BiggHead Women's Soccer[email protected]419-448-3362
Abbey Lindblad ImageAbbey LindbladAsst. Women's Soccer[email protected]419-448-5113
Holly Bigg ImageHolly BiggAsst. Women's Soccer[email protected]419-448-3362
Men & Women's Swimming & Diving
Noah Moran ImageNoah MoranHead Swimming and Diving Coach[email protected]419-448-3314
Steve Rose ImageSteve RoseAsst. Swimming & Diving Coach
Jeff Nickerson ImageJeff NickersonHead Softball[email protected]419-448-3337
Shayne Yeater ImageShayne YeaterAsst. Softball Coach[email protected]419-448-3378
Men & Women's Tennis
Phil Conley ImagePhil ConleyHead Tennis Coach[email protected]419-448-3594
Nicolas Almeida ImageNicolas AlmeidaAsst. Tennis Coach[email protected]419-448-3459
Men's Track & Field
Jeremy Croy ImageJeremy CroyHead Track Coach[email protected]419-448-3338
Ray Robinson ImageRay RobinsonAsst. Track Coach[email protected]419-448-3329
Steve Livoti ImageSteve LivotiAsst. Track Coach[email protected]
Gray Horn ImageGray HornAsst. Track Coach[email protected]419-448-3329
Kayla Ellks ImageKayla EllksAsst. Track Coach[email protected]419-448-3329
Keith Reiter ImageKeith ReiterAsst. Track/Field Coach[email protected]419-448-3329
Brendon Moody ImageBrendon MoodyAsst. Track and Field Coach[email protected]419-448-3329
Nikki Hintze ImageNikki HintzeAsst. Track and Field Coach[email protected]419-448-3329
Ralph RobinsonAsst. Track and Field[email protected]419-448-3329
Men's Wrestling
Joey Simcoe ImageJoey SimcoeHead Wrestling[email protected]419-448-3046
Dustin Porter ImageDustin PorterAsst. Wrestling[email protected]419-448-3047
Shauna Hurles ImageShauna HurlesHead Volleyball Coach[email protected]419-448-3013
Brooke Distel ImageBrooke DistelAssistant Coach[email protected]419-448-3013